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The Kingdom of Heaven

By Simon Padbury

In the parables of the kingdom, Christ’s name for his Church is both a prophecy and a promise: “the kingdom of heaven.”

Treasure in Heaven

By Simon Padbury

The rich young ruler was not seeking salvation—he didn’t think he needed to be saved from his sins. So, Christ directed him back to the law, the covenant of life, to learn its lessons.

The Redeemer in the Midst

By Samuel Bottomley

A sermon preached at the opening service for the new chapel of the Dissenters in Pickering, Yorkshire, UK in 1789. Full title: “The Redeemer in the Midst of Those Who Are Assembled in His Name.”

What is this Calvinism?

By G. Eric Lane, M.A.
Former Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, Leyton, UK.

A consideration of the teaching commonly called ‘Calvinism’, otherwise known as ‘the doctrines of grace’ or ‘Reformed Theology.”

This was an old booklet of the Sovereign Grace Union, date unknown. (Second edition.) Used here with permission from the SGU.

Was Christ Ever in “Christmas”?

By Simon Padbury

Contrary to popular belief, “Christmas” does not have its origin with the Lord Jesus Christ. And you will not find it in the Bible.

The “I Will” of Prayer in “Overwhelming Trouble”

By Philip Bennett Power

Chapter 10 (a sermon) from P.B. Power’s book, “The ‘I WILLS’ of the Psalms,” first published in 1858. Born in Ireland in 1822, Power became a Church of England minister. He is chiefly remembered for another book of his, “The ‘I WILLS’ of Christ.”

The Riches of God’s Glory

By Simon Padbury

The authentic Christian life, which we seek to live with the enabling that God provides, is one that is increasingly yielded, not to the service of sin, but to the service of God in righteousness.